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Ohio Housing Authorities Conference  
“To Foster and Promote Affordable Housing In the State of Ohio”
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OHAC 2020 Spring Conference

April 29 - May 1

Sheraton Suites

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


Policies & Procedures Ledger

Access Control - NEW

Annual HQS Inspections

Anti-Discrimination Complaint Procedure - UPDATED

Audit Report Policy Finance

Bulletin Board Items for Management Offices - UPDATED

Cable TV and Telephone Installation - UPDATED

Child Support Verification

Claims Reporting Procedure - UPDATED

Community Room Policy - UPDATED

Community Service Self Sufficiency Supplement - UPDATED

Computer Replacement Policy

Confidential Documents Policy

Curb Appeal Enforcement Procedures

Deceased Tenant Policy

Deceased Tenant Procedure

Dependency Neglect and Abuse Procedure

Disaster Plan - UPDATED

Disposition of Records

Dissemination of Police Reports and Security Notices

Domestic Violence Relocation Policy

Earned Income Disallowance

EBL Reporting Testing Procedures

Emergency Fire First Response Plan

Employee Handbook - UPDATED

Eviction Procedure

Fire Procedures - UPDATED

Fire Safety Violation Procedures

Flat Rent

Form 351 Personal Declaration

Fraud Policy 

Fraud Procedure - UPDATED

Homeownership HQS Inspection Procedures - UPDATED

Housekeeping Referrals Peer Counselor Program

Interim Review Procedures and Minimum Rents and Hardship Exemption

Internet User Policy Procedures

IS Request Form

Issuance of No Trespass Letters

Key Card Issuance Policy

Lease and House Rules

Master Key Policy

Maximum Income Levels for Admission to PH S8 Programs

Mediated Conflict Resolution

Mold and Mildew Remediation Procedures - UPDATED

Move Out Survey

Non-Expendable Equipment Fixed Asset Control

Office Supply Orders

Paint Issuance Procedure

Pet Ownership Policy

Pet Policy - UPDATED

PH UIV Procedures

Pilot Resident Incentive Program

Postal Check Procedure

Procedure for Applicant Informals

Procedure for Required Thirty Day Comment Period on Proposed Changes to Policies Lease and Rules

Procedure for Resident Informal

Procedure for Section 8 Informal

Procurement Policy

Public Records Policy Summary

Public Records Policy

Public Records Request Form - 2008

Public Records Requests - UPDATED

Quality Control Checklist - Move In

Quality Control Checklist for PH and New Construction Residents

Quality Control Audits

Reasonable Accommodation Processing

Records Management Policy - NEW

Record Retention Schedule - NEW

Records Retention - Matrix

Referrals Leasing Procedures

Rent Collection Procedure

Rent Escrows

Repayment Policies

Request for Screening Reports Adult Members Added to Household Composition and for Live-In Aide

Resident Charges Cost of Repairs Replacements - UPDATED

Resident Files - UPDATED

Resident Grievance Procedure - UPDATED

Resident Repayment Collection Policy

Safety Rules - General

Satellite Dishes

Second Chance Program

Security Deposit Additional Security Deposit Collection Procedures

Statement of Procurement

Transfer Procedures

Travel Expense Request Reimbursement Form - NEW

Travel Reimbursement Policy - NEW

Treatment of Residual Members of Household

Truancy Procedures

Unit Preparation Assignment Procedures

Up-front Income Verification System

Utility Verification Procedure

Vacancy Procedures

Vacated Collection Policy

VAWA Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy and Procedural Changes

VAWA Sample Certification of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, or Stalking

VAWA Certification Instructions for Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, or Stalking

VAWA HUD Certification of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, or Stalking

VAWA Notice to Landlords Participating in the HCV Program

VAWA Landlord/Resident Notification HCV Program

VAWA Lease Change Terms

VAWA Lease Provision 1

VAWA Lease Provision 2

VAWA Lease Provision 3

VAWA PHA 5-year Plan

VAWA PHA Annual Plan Provision

VAWA Policy 1

VAWA Policy 2

VAWA Public Housing Tenant Notification

VAWA Public Housing Tenant Rights

VAWA Resident Notification

VAWA S8 Admin Plan

VAWA S8 Landlord Notification

VAWA S8 Owner Notification

VAWA S8 Rights

VAWA S8 Tenant Notification

Vehicle Registration Program

Washers and Dryers Installed by Residents

Work Order Charges

Work Order Prep



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