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Ohio Housing Authorities Conference  
“To Foster and Promote Affordable Housing In the State of Ohio”
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APRIL 11 - 13, 2018




Associate Member Information

The Mission of the Ohio Housing Authorities (OHAC) is to foster and promote affordable housing in the State of Ohio through:

1) Education and training of its memberships and publics
2) Exchange of information and concerns
3) Mutual support
4) Collaborative efforts

The Ohio Housing Authorities Conference (OHAC) is made up of agency, honorary and associate members.   There are over 70 different Ohio metropolitan housing authorities (agency members) represented by OHAC.

Associate Membership

Political subdivisions or governmental agencies in the State of Ohio, which are not Housing Authorities and Individuals and duly incorporated organizations interested in participating in and receiving the services of the Association, may be Associate Members.

The Ohio Housing Authorities Conference has a long history of professional service to the affordable housing authority industry.  Strong leadership and advocacy among OHAC Members has been a real catalyst for quality affordable housing throughout the cities, towns and villages of Ohio.

The Associate Membership designation has been developed in order to attract those wanting to receive current housing information, keeping up with challenges facing our industry as well as fostering friendships.

Rights and Privileges of an Associate Member
Associate Members in good standing by payment of annual dues are entitled to receive the following:
May attend all OHAC Training meetings and/or conferences at member rates
Become involved in special committee assignments as developed, from time, by the officers of the Conference.
Reduced exhibit fees for Conferences.
Listed on the OHAC Web-site under Associate Members

The designation of Associate Members does not, however, allow for attendance at Directors' Meetings, voting or holding office nor chairing a standing committee within the conference.

Dues for Associate Members of the Ohio Housing Authorities Conference

Associate Membership dues shall be $300.00 per 12-month period from the fiscal year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st of each year.

OHAC Membership Application

Click here to download an Associate Member Application

Please mail application information and dues to:
OHAC Corporate Office
P. O. Box 1029
Mansfield, OH  44901-1029


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