Standard customer service Canadian pharmacy each developed their own pharmaceutical organizations. But there are some general provisions. When a customer on the trading floor, the specialist must take their workplace to provide counseling and assistance in finding and selecting products. It is unacceptable to leave the client without attention, forcing him to seek a specialist. Display of goods, window dressing exercise without prejudice to the primary objective - quality customer service. If the specialist is experiencing difficulty in the event of complex, unusual situations, it should involve colleagues or head of the pharmacy. Talks with representatives of the medical head of the pharmacy or consultant should carry out only with the authorization of the marketing department.
Ohio Housing Authorities Conference  
“To Foster and Promote Affordable Housing In the State of Ohio”
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September 19th – 21st

Marriott Columbus University Area/Residence Inn

Columbus, Ohio


2018 OHAC "William F. Gandert" Scholarship Recipients


Maryanna Moxley

Columbus MHA


Andrew Pillow

Greene MHA


Anthony Johnson

Morgan MHA


Nolan Badgley

Pickaway MHA


Taylor Mershon

Portsmouth MHA


Devan Rodgers

Shelby MHA


Each Scholarship Recipient received $1,000 to further their education.


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